Rules & By-Laws

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Midwest Air Wing
Field & General Safety Rules

  1. The official AMA safety code and all Midwest Air Wing rules are applicable to ALL flying activity at the field.
  2. All pilots will be current members of AMA unless permitted under an AMA guest or student flyer program.
  3. Aircraft will be started in the pit area with the aircraft pointed towards the runway.
  4. A red paint paddle bearing the pilots name in a contrasting color will be used for frequency control. The paddle must be placed on the frequency board channel corresponding to the channel of your aircraft prior to turning on your transmitter. Remove your paddle when your flight has concluded. Be respectful of others waiting for the channel to become available.
  5. The club’s safety officer(s) has/have the authority to request that a person stop their flying activities for the day if they determine that a pilot’s activities are not performed in accordance with AMA or Midwest Air Wing safety codes or rules. Repeated offenses will become club business. See “Important Notice” at the bottom of this page.
  6. Flying is not permitted while grass cutting is occurring. No Exceptions!
  7. The drinking of alcohol or the use of any controlled substance prior to or during time spent at the field is prohibited.
  8. Non-members may fly as guests three (3) per year and are subject to all AMA and Midwest Air Wing safety codes and rules. The only exceptions are scheduled open events and the AMA student pilot program.
  9. All tents, canopies, easy-up and any shading devices must be secured to the ground.
  10. Fuel powered flight is limited to the hours between 9:00 am until dusk.


    Violation of the AMA or Midwest Air Wing RC Club safety codes and rules may be grounds for immediate loss of flying privileges and/or club membership.